Strawberry Hibiscus Seltzer

A tasty summertime treat

By Adi Hastings

Jun 6, 2023

As summer kicks into gear, we’re reaching for more refreshing recipes. This fruited seltzer will keep you cool on the hottest days. Sweet strawberries bring a fresh brightness while hibiscus turns the seltzer a fun shade of pink and adds a bit of tannic dryness to keep each sip extra inviting.

Strawberry Hibiscus Seltzer

Vital Statistics

  • Batch size 5 gallons (~19 liters)
  • Boil time 10 minutes
  • OG 10°P (1.040)
  • FG -1.5°P (0.994)
  • ABV 6.5%

Raw Materials

  • Dextrose
  • Yeast
    Lutra (OYL-071)
  • Propper Seltzer Nutrient
    One 28g pack
  • Aseptic strawberry purée OR frozen strawberries
  • Dried hibiscus flowers


Bring 5 gallons of water to ~180°F (82°C). Add dextrose, circulate, and bring to a boil. Gently boil for 10 minutes. Check gravity and adjust accordingly until you’ve reached 10°P.

Turn off heat. Add Propper Seltzer nutrient to the kettle, whirlpool until contents have thoroughly dissolved into solution. Using a muslin hop bag (or similar), steep* hibiscus during whirlpool as well.

Knock out sugar base to the fermenter at desired kveik fermentation temperature (80 – 95°F) while aerating to 8 – 10ppm. 

Pitch Lutra and ferment to 0°P, 2 – 4 days depending on fermentation temperature.

Add strawberries to the fermentor, and ferment an additional 2 – 3 days until final gravity is reached. 

*Over-steeped hibiscus can be very tannic, so be sure to remove the bag of flowers promptly at the end of the whirlpool.


When flavoring with ingredients that include fermentables, add those ingredients while yeast is finishing fermentation. Keep warm and allow for refermentation.

If using fresh strawberries, thoroughly wash before adding to the fermenter. If bottle conditioning, consider freezing the fruit or treating your seltzer base with campden tablets prior to adding the fruit to inhibit wild culture growth.

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